The Good Shepherd

Words escape me today, and yet some times, words are not necessary.

One of the pictures hanging in my music room says “Music, Voice of the Soul”. So much of my time at the piano is spent trying to communicate that voice, those feelings, those emotions. It fascinates me when my fingers can create something that speaks louder than words. In those moments, Holy Spirit is the composer, and I get to be the vessel.

I included this instrumental piece in my Sermon on the Plain Suite, as a meditation of sorts. Entitled “The Good Shepherd”, it is my reflection on the lavish love and wisdom that Jesus spoke into his followers, as recorded for us in Luke 6:20-49. Those verses have had a profound effect on my faith, and have deepened my love for Jesus. 

My prayer is that this song can help you reflect on his love and care. As you listen, I invite you to envision a shepherd, quietly caring for his sheep. He notices that one of his beloved sheep has strayed, and sets out with urgency to search for it. He calls to it, and the sheep hears his voice. The joy of reunion is deeper than can be imagined. The sheep is safe again. The lost sheep was called home.

Enjoy the music.