Let My Soul Live and Praise You (Psalm 119)

Originally posted August 13, 2019.

Summer has been crazy amazing!  Busy, but amazing.  Also very, very warm.  I actually saw that Alaska had its hottest month on record in June.  I don’t doubt it for a second, and wonder if July and August are in the running for the top ten as well.  Our whole summer has been full of ice cream, front yard swimming pools and sprinkler jumping.  Glorious!

What I haven’t done much of is write or share my music.  I’m honestly playing a bit of check up with my music, most of what is being posted being from years prior.  I’ve enjoyed spending time getting many of those old songs down on paper, and look forward to sharing them with you.

The little song in this post is part of my goal to memorize more scripture.  The only way I’m able to memorize anything is through song, so I’m sure you’ll hear quite a few of this kind of song from me over time.

This one is from a portion of Psalm 119, which is actually the longest psalm in the Bible, all about loving and trusting in God’s law.  “Let My Soul Live and Praise You” is a portion that I loved and wanted written on my heart.  I big thank you to my worship pastor, Joel Stamoolis, for playing guitar for me on this one.

Other projects coming up that I’ll be sharing are based on:

  • Portions of Matthew 26 and Psalm 143 
  • Luke 6:20-49 
  • Isaiah 43:1-5 
  • Psalm 31 
  • Psalms from our church Psalms project – 63, 66, 73, 81, 101, 134, 142

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P.S. If you have a portion of scripture that you would love to memorize, let me know!  Maybe we can learn it together through music!!

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