Be With Me

Click here to listen to the song right away, and the following is the story behind this new song. 

"Mountain Sun Rays", Photo by Nick Sikorski, available for purchase here

I’m kind of a people person. 

The world might label me as an extrovert, but I’m pretty sure there is more to it than just enjoying being around other people. I crave connection. Rich and nurturing conversations fuel me. I am encouraged, edified, and stretched by those I enjoy “hanging out with.” 

Last Spring and Summer, when we were all spending less time with each other, I started to feel the weight of loneliness. Sure, I missed seeing people, but truly, I missed the deep connections that had once fueled me. 

I love my family, but they can only pour so much into me, and they too were feeling the weight of the strange days. My kids especially struggled in that they had kind of “lost their jobs”, not being able to go to school and interact with their teacher and classmates. There was a grief there, and from my space of loneliness, I struggled to help them. 

In the midst of that season, it was hard for me to identify all that I was feeling, but I started to gain clarity when I began exploring the topic of prayer with a friend. I had always entered prayer through speaking or thinking my requests and praises to God, but had never learned to listen. I had never considered how God loves to enter into prayer with us. He longs to speak to us through His Spirit, and we need only to listen. It took me a bit to grow comfortable with listening (some may call it meditating), but I eventually began to hear (and feel) the voice of the Spirit. (If you would like to learn more about listening for the voice of God, I encourage you to connect with my friend, Mukkove Johnson)

“Be With Me” flowed about of that season and from what I learned through practice of listening for God’s voice. I would often need to quiet my mind from all it was feeling and thinking, and would literally have to invite God in. I know and believe that God is ever-present, but good grief do I turn away from Him. By crying out, “Father, come and be with me,” I could feel myself turning back. 

More often than not, God would speak words of encouragement to me. He would remind me that He knows exactly what’s going on, how I feel, and what’s ahead. He would remind me how precious I am to Him. These conversations would bring me such peace. 

I pray that this song ministers to the hearts of anyone struggling. Are you lonely? Are you walking through grief? Are you fearful? Do your days seem to contain more sadness than peace? Listen for the voice of the Spirit. He wants to help. He wants to be with you.

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