Guest Slots ~ Podcast Interviews with Andrea Sandefur

March 17, 2021 ~ Gifts for Glory Podcast (with Dave Ebert)

March 23, 2021 ~ Wounds of the Faithful Podcast

April 7, 2021 ~ Art & Faith Conversations

Encouraging Artists Forward

Songwriter, Andrea Sandefur, joins me to talk about a role she felt called to as an encourager and caretaker of the creative souls of her church. She tells the story of when and how she felt called to that role and how she carries that out with an artists event she helps curate at her home church in Wasilla, Alaska. Andrea is a songwriter and also a contributing host to Theophany Media's podcast called "Creatively Christian."

June 27, 2021 ~ She Connects Podcast

Overcoming Criticism with Andrea Sandefur

One of the main takeaways was Andera's statement, "Criticism fades in a clearly defined mission." What a great reminder that when criticism comes to remember why we're doing what we're doing - unto the Lord.