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Creatively Christian Podcast

Update: January 28, 2022

Theophany Media's Creatively Christian Podcast just celebrated its 1st birthday, and we celebrated by joining our team of hosts together for a LIVE Q&A episode. It was a lot of fun, and we dug into…

Things I'm Reading and Loving

"These are a few of my favorite things!" (love that song btw) Here, I hope to share a few things that I'm enjoying or are making my life easier, an occasional recipe from our Alaskan lifestyle, and then my current…

Life in Alaska

Update: January 28, 2022

Been a while! Lots to update...but long and short...we are well.

My kids are thriving, and we added a new puppy to the mix! Maya passed her level 3 horsemanship test, and still loves riding horses...a…

Current Music Projects

Update: January 28, 2022

In the midst of ALL THE THINGS, I still try to take time to write music, play music, and share music. Making it a priority is an ever-increasing challenge, but giving myself "permission" to take the…

Community Worship

Update: January 28, 2022

Covid has not made playing at our local senior centers easy. I had to cancel my time with Primrose in October, and last I checked, the Pioneer Home has been welcoming "outsiders" in. I look forward…

Arts for the Kingdom

Update: January 28, 2022

Two events have passed since my last update, and they were both just as special as the others. The unique themes make for special evenings, and I am always so blessed by the artistry of our…