Psalms Project - A New Path

Originally posted October 22, 2019.

Sometimes the way forward is unclear.  Sometimes though, a signpost is provided that offers us a chance to walk forward into something new. Something never before considered.

In July of 2016, my worship pastor, Joel Stamoolis, asked me to consider a project.  The task? Creating a musical setting for the words of Psalm 60 to be sung by our congregation. I was given a metrical setting of the psalm to use, packed it away in my bag for our trip to Lake Louise, and planned to come up with a melody to fit. I hummed as I kayaked, wrote rhythms down in my planner, and recorded my voice in an app without accompaniment. These were the humble beginnings of my new path.

For three and a half years, my church family at Wasilla Bible Church sung through the entire book of Psalms.  We began in 2015 with Psalm 1 and ended with Psalm 150 on September 2, 2018. This amazing project was prompted by the Holy Spirit and walked forward by our worship pastor and elders.

If you would like to learn more about the project, enjoy this article published by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in February of 2019.

“As we’ve sung through the Psalms together as a church, we have lamented together, longed for God’s justice, praised his righteousness, acknowledged our sinfulness, sought his mercy, told his story, and celebrated his faithfulness. All these actions point us again and again to Jesus.” ~Joel Stamoolis

I am honored to have taken part in the project by writing 9 settings in all, which will be posted here as the recordings are completed. Contributing to the project awoke in me a love of musical settings for scripture, and it is on that path that I continue to find my inspiration and joy.

Keep an eye out for the signposts redirecting your steps. They often point to the good works God has planned for you. They often point us right to the feet of Jesus. Enjoy walking forward.

Visit my WBC Psalms Project Playlist on YouTube

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